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"She also has the rare gift of portraying uncontrolled passion without making it look ridiculous. Her character's struggle with her emotions is painfully visible and vividly real."


Curtain UP 

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"IT was such a pleasure working with Evgeniya on ELEMENTARY. She infused her character with a rich, fully developed emotional history. Her work was raw, honest, and heart-wrenching. I look forward to my next opportunity to work with her and can't wait to see what other characters she brings to life."

Seith Mann, Director Elementary

"Evgeniya is a leading member of my Off-Broadway theater company, Marvell Rep, and one of the finest actresses I've ever worked with. She is also a kind and gracious citizen of the world, a creative powerhouse, and a class-act through and through.

Her performance was powerful, deeply moving, impassioned, and heart-wrenching. She garnered rave reviews from the New York press, as well as from our audiences.

Evgeniya is a director's dream. She has strong instincts and acts on them uninhibitedly."

Lenny Leibowitz, Artistic Director, MARVELL REPERTORY THEATER

"Evgeniya is one of the most gifted actors I have ever met. With interpreting both characters and directors, it is clear that she draws her energy from a place artists can only reach in knowing one's self with complete honesty. She is an actor of extraordinary intensity, passion, truthfulness, and full humanity, making her able to command and disarm anyone in her presence.

She is one of the few actors I've met who understands the different dynamics between the stage and cinema, making her a natural who is attuned to the thought process of a director. In working with her, one is often pleasantly reminded of how a team of people can fully harmonize with one another during the creative process."

Dien Vo, Director Let Them Have Their Way

"I don't even remember the exact moment I discovered Evgeniya, and that's probably because everything that happened after was so blindingly memorable. I was looking online for someone to portray a character that was both ethereal and powerful with an elegant yet raw sex appeal, and she fit the bill in every way. Her thrilling aesthetic is straight from a wild kingdom where pure talent and bravery roots itself in a rich soil of determination. Evgeniya can do anything, and she never stops. Unforgettable, undaunted and unreal...that only comes close to describing her."

Scott Norton, Director Every Drop Counts (HorrorCon)

"I Plead Guilty by Natalia Pelevine captures the terror of mans inhumanity to man....

The actors Dana Pelevine and Evgeniya Radilova capture the touching and tender moments of humanity with their terrific performances...."

Rosalinda Perron, actress

""An unflinching look at the 2002 Moscow theater siege with searing performances from a cast that make you feel as if you are inside the action of the play."

Chris Dolman, director

""Evgeniya Radilova’s performance was extraordinary!"

Richard E. Van Deusen, Theater Director & Dramaturge

"Kindertransport - "Of all my students Miss Radilova had the maturity and emotional range to satisfy the demands of this role; truly a tour de force."

Constantine Scopas - AADA, Director of Instruction

""This production of Kindertransport broke my heart.... The acting in the production is generous, spare, and stunning...."

Lisa Millinazo, Director I Plead Guilty


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