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iDare Acting Studio



In our workshops, our biggest goal is to empower the students to find and act the truth in life and on stage. We motivate them to find their authentic self and teach them how to collaborate with their colleagues by encouraging confident choices and mutual trust in the process. We stimulate them to be brave and tap into their deep emotions. We help them create a palate of tools which can help in life, on stage and screen. They will get in depth understanding of what the acting process is and how to create a system to use in their future work.


  • During our sessions we encourage the students to find where their strength lies and discover their uniqueness. Authenticity is our base!

  • We work with tools such as self-awareness, understanding, and confidence.

  • Our students will develop courage by practicing risk-taking in a safe space. We will help them connect to their emotions in order to connect with others.

  • We articulate universal truths through the specifics.

  • We use active, human storytelling to develop and practice empathy.

  • Flexibility! Changes come at us a mile a minute and our students will learn to roll with rather than stand against it.

  • We will explore and practice live in the present - stay open and say yes to the world!

  • Students will discover power in experimentation, trying new things, stepping out of their comfort zone.

  • Jump-start their growth mindset and face challenges without fear.

  • Trust their instincts and intuition.

  • We're taking back the power of play, joy, connection, and movement. It's not just children who can have fun!

  • Step boldly into the full range of their possibility and potential.



We offer acting classes for beginners, non-actors, and professionals. We have specifically designed workshops for individuals just starting out their careers, and master classes for professionals who want to hone their craft with Western techniques. We work with children and adults, amateurs and industry performers and technicians, writers and producers. Our incredible team of teachers have extensive knowledge and broad experience in Theater, Acting for the Camera, Film-making, Writing, and offer diverse perspectives on European and American creative arts.

Each workshop is limited to a small number of students to guarantee plenty of personalized attention from our dedicated instructors. We customize your role in the program to fit your needs, whether you are interested in theater or film, if your goals are to simply try something new, to enhance your acting skills or to gain valuable experience. We make the most of our short time together, with our week culminating in a public performance or film screening. Our aim is to guide you through your own process of personal and artistic transformation, so that you emerge on the other side empowered and more fully yourself.

We always teach in English, even though we might need translator's help sometimes, we strongly encourage you to practice your English skills with us!

We make our own costumes and make up!

We inspire our students to use their imagination and talent exploring every part of the creative process. Costumes, Make Up, Props, etc.


Our workshops are based on a system adapted and developed during our collaboration with Mythic Bridge. Susan Sarandon joined the board of directors which is an incredible recognition for the success their method has. Evgeniya Radilova took some of those techniques to China already and did 2 incredibly successful film workshops.

We change the ordinary dynamic teacher/learner, and urge the students to be active participants in the creative process. Through improve exercises and ice breaking games, we are preparing them for bold decisions while bringing their first films to life - from writing the script, directing to editing the final version.





Evgeniya is also a booking agent for theatre shows traveling from USA and EUROPE. During the Summer Festival in Chongqing in 2018, she proudly presented one of the most successful theater companies based in New York, "Barefoot Theatre Company". Their show "Mateo and The Whale", an energetic and visually charged performance, was extremely well accepted to 1000 people who came to see it.

Shows Ready To Tour

Evgeniya has put together carefully selected list of shows available to tour with artists from Cirque Du Soleil, America's Got Talent, other various acts from Europe and USA, and her own fire and performance shows. Her company offers Musicals, Physical Theatre or Comedy as well as taking it to the next level with Evgeniya's specialty fire acts. For detailed list of shows please call (646)284-0484 or email


EVGENIYA - iDare Acting Studio - Founder/Teacher

Evgeniya Radilova is a Bulgarian-American award- winning actress, filmmaker and acting teacher. She successfully started her career in Bulgaria, and after making a name for herself, she moved to New York to master her craft and work with the best in the industry.

In New York, she graduated with honors from The American Academy of Dramatic Arts and was invited to join AADA Repertory Company with 4 leading roles. Since then, she appeared Off-Broadway, joined the SAG-AFTRA and AEA unions, and became a lifetime member of The Actors Studio, where she performed opposite Ellen Burstyn in The Cherry Orchard, directed by John Gould Rubin. Evgeniya is a proud lifetime member of the Playwrights Directors Unit at The Actors Studio.

She appeared in prime-time TV shows such as Law & Order: SVU, Limitless, Elementary, Sex & Drugs & Rock&Roll;, and Spartacus, and acted in multiple feature and short films. She received the Charles Jehlinger Award for Best Actress and was nominated for Best Actress at the Blow-Up Chicago International Arthouse Film Festival.

Evgeniya is a Co-founder of iDare Productions where she has been producing, writing and directing for the past two years. Her first music video, "True Paradise," won the "Best Music Video" award in festivals in NYC, LA and Miami. One of her films, “My Relationship with The Moon” won the "Special Recognition Award" at the Cayanne Film Festival. Meanwhile, she has also written, produced and directed her first short films "Patrik" and "El Cavil". Her film "Patrik" won the Golden Award at the Spotlight Film Festival, and Evgeniya was features as one of the Best filmmakers in the Spotlight for 2018.

For the past 6 years, Evgeniya has volunteered and taught for Mythic Bridge, a NYC based nonprofit organization that teaches film making to at-risk youth, and as one of the original mentors, she has been part of the creation of more than 50 films.

One of their latest projects, "Killing It with Kindness", was nominated for EMMY in 2015. She has taught successfully in Bulgaria, China and all over the United States. For several years now, she has been regularly teaching in Chongqing, Beijing and Kunming, China. She excellently directed her students in 2 films - "Fortune Sticks" & "Marga", and 2 theater productions – the Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream", and "Peter and The Star Catcher". After her work has been recognized by the film industry in China, she was invited to give a talk to local professionals in the film business.


"After the workshop, I enjoy & appreciate more to the realistic life, cause it just like my own movie: I was and am and will be the true leading role." - Selina (Kunming, 2018)

"I personally feel that drama & film can change a person or a group of people. It allows us to find or discover the good in us. Through such workshops, more people will be given the chance to find confidence in the work and to open up their own artistic path." - Gino (Kunming, 2018)

"The teachers influenced on me greatly, I never feel so good, so powerful. I think this is the positive energy of collective love, we must continue to do such things, bring more people to learn performance in the right vein! When I really opened myself, I felt the change in my acting artistry came out from the inside, and through some exercises I began to think about how I grew up, the way I deal with the world, communication among people…" - San-san (Kunming, 2018)

"I learned how to express myself in front of strangers or an audience and became more outgoing and understanding of everyone's differences. We have to both rely on each other and sort of "give up" out past to re-embrace this team. The power of the teachers is to grab everyone unfamiliar together and make a big team which won't ever be afraid of anything." - Zoey (Kunming, 2018)

"I realized how drama could miraculously made me more in tune with the world around me and receptive to everything that happened. In that safe theatrical environment, I became more emotionally vulnerable, but more energetic at the same time, as I felt like I opened my heart to allow myself to feel more deeply with the characters in the play, and surprisingly found a way to manage and filter my intense emotions. I love our teachers who taught me in those workshops, they were so nice and professional, and kept encouraging me however I performed. I learned a lot through conversations I had with them and they were like mentors rather than simply teachers to me. I'm so grateful for the days we had and will cherish them forever!" - Tina (Chongqing, 2017-2018)

"I learned bravery, a more clear understanding of myself, and the confidence to do the difficult things. No pains, no gains." - Ariel (Chongqing, 2017-2018)

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