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Evgeniya Entertainment & Evgeniya Radilova, founder and director, was one of the first fire performers in NYC. For the last sixteen years she has carefully selected some of the most exceptional artists, touring the US and Europe. 

In the US, She Associate Produced and Cast the music video ToyLand by RAY ANGRY with THE ROOTS. She has a residency as the Performance Director at Gospel NYC. She was one of the creative directors at House Of X at the Public Hotel, and House Of Yes, House Of Love.  Her team has worked with The Box NYC, Nebula, Slipper Room, Gratitude Migration, Lighting Society, Bang On, Burning Man, Duane Park, etc represents artists from Cirque Du Soleil to NYC street performers! 


We specialize in unique performances! We are not only cirques but a theater group as well and have a great presence on the stage! We take everything to the next level like dancing with fire – blindfolded! 


If you are ready for a transformational journey that will make your event exceptional, consider hiring us. Hire us to direct, choreograph and/or design your event. We are available for Corporate Events, Full Productions, Private Events or Special Events! 

You name it we have it!


Evgeniya has a great passion for fire dancing and has opened her own entertainment company, Evgeniya Entertainment, which includes performers from Circus Du Soleil to NYC's top performers, underground and street performers. She has performed in the most high-end cabarets stages in NYC as well as festivals and directed shows all over the county and Europe.



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